Our Commitment to You 

Resthaven is designed and managed to offer the very best in nursing care and rehabilitation services. We know that once you look past the frills and amenities, what matters most in a health care facility is quality care and superior service. At Resthaven we emphasize and demand quality care and superior service every day from every department. We hand pick the very best staff available, train them continuously to stay current with the latest procedures and technologies, and monitor our delivery with an eye towards ever-constant improvement. Our employees understand the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch, and the healing power of a smile. They must not only be competent but also compassionate. At Resthaven our staff is committed to Improving Quality of Life

Our Values 

Faith in God 
We believe that obedience to God is best measured by our service to others and the wise stewardship of our human and capital resources. 

Quality Care 
We will strive to achieve the highest quality of personalized care delivered with kindness, sensitivity, and compassion. 

We are committed to selecting and developing a professional team of caregivers who are passionate about improving quality of life. 

We will adhere to the highest standards of honesty and character, worthy of the trust placed in us. 

We will never stop working to improve our care and services and remain committed to providing our residents the very best in quality care and superior service.